About us

Caledonia Hosiery is a family-run business founded by second-generation sock-maker Steve Elton.

It is based in the picturesque town of Forres where Steve lives with his wife Sue, who has become as obsessed with socks as Steve is.

Steve learned his craft through an apprenticeship which began in 1990 at a company producing half a million pairs of socks per week.

He says: “Thirty years on and I still get a buzz from every sock I make. I pride myself on the high standards I set myself for attention to detail and quality.

“My wife is now a fully-fledged sock nut, having been introduced to the intricacies of sock making. You will find the same appreciation and level of care for quality in every sock that passes through her hands.”


Technology has helped speed up some processes in sock production, and modern machinery plays its part in the production process, yet traditional methods of make and finish exist at Caledonia Hosiery. Every sock is examined, finished, paired and packed, by hand.

Customer service

From the first contact, you will be speaking to the person who will physically be making your socks. We make to order so you (the customer) are the master of your product. From the design concept to the finished sock, we aim to create a relationship, working to develop the sock and specification together, to make sure we meet your, and your customers’ needs.